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The real world

The real world

The real world

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    The real world
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    Wind Book
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2022-04-30 10:44:09
Ordinary me, reborn in an extraordinary world, is destined to become supreme killing demons, killing gods and killing immortals. Countless baptisms of life and death have helped me step by step to ascend to the throne of Immortal Emperor and achieve the supreme state of rebellion even if I kill the sky with one hand and control the life and death of billions of stars, I still haven't given up looking for the earth I miss so much the whole universe has been separated by me, and I still haven't found the trace of the earth hundreds of millions of years have passed in a hurry, and countless glories and beauties can't interest me. Countless human tragedies, the disappearance of life can't startle me until one day, for me, this meaningless world will completely disappear, when the irresistible catastrophe comes, when Liuli, Feifei, Xiaoning, Xiaozhu, Tyrannosaurus Rex... Countless familiar faces and billions of creatures gather in front of me into a pure tailing, I am left with only the skeleton and look back on billions of past events... suddenly, A tear flowed out of my eye socket, and the tears fell on the void at that moment, sweeping the whole universe like ripples this tear is the power of love! It is the ultimate power predicted by the souls of the remnant book, the true spirit realm the swirls of the Tai spirit dissipate, the gate of the spirit world opens, the universe is reborn, and everyone returns looking at the door to the unknown world, I jumped in without hesitation

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