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Happy addition

Happy addition

Happy addition

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    Happy addition
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    Panda sauce
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    Cook Books
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2022-06-29 20:25:22
Dou Ni was promoted to supervisor, and her competitors pursued her. At the critical moment, Ding Ke's husband began to frequently mention his children and moved home on the pretext of saving rent the pregnant mother-in-law joined the birth army. Dou Ni proved herself innocent but found herself pregnant concealment of information will eventually be exposed. Life and death are difficult problems Li Sisi, a good friend who supports Dou Ni in making any decision, is in a lot of situations for fear of marriage. Therefore, Dou Ni finds that the happy marriage relationship is hard won and dare not talk about divorce. Li Sisi is also influenced by Dou Ni. He is on and off with his boyfriend. He is also pursued by a secret lover and finds a way back with frozen eggs Chen Mo, the vice president who supports Dou Ni's work, had an abortion due to promotion when she was young, divorced and then formed a family, but she was unable to get pregnant and divorced again. She advised Dou Ni several times to confirm the relationship between work and life and helped her several times. Dou Ni finally opened her heart and decided to leave her child in life, they encourage each other; At work, they support each other after several twists and turns, Dou Ni successfully gave birth to a child, and Li Sisi and Chen Mo also found their belonging.

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