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At the time of rebirth

At the time of rebirth

At the time of rebirth

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    At the time of rebirth
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    Brother Hanyang sword
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    Clean book
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2022-05-25 19:38:28
At the turn of the new year and the new year in the Chinese calendar, a shocking outbreak of COVID-19 broke out in Wuhan. Wuhan, with a population of tens of millions, is facing an unprecedented crisis. With the care of the Central Committee and the assistance of the people of the whole country, the upright and kind-hearted people of Wuhan braved difficulties, stood by each other, united as one, fought hard, and finally defeated the plague and won a major victory in the fight against COVID-19. This novel is to capture a fragment of Wuhan's fight against the epidemic, see the big from the small, and describe the whole process of the epidemic from the beginning to the outbreak to the elimination of a large area. The characters of the novel take a group of ordinary people and a group of young and middle-aged medical care as the main description objects. Through the description of their face to disease, family affection and life and death, they reflect the personality characteristics of the people of Wuhan, praise the professionalism of medical staff, eulogize the glory of human nature, and whip the dark side of human nature at the same time a sudden epidemic not only tested our society, but also quenched everyone. The COVID-19 is like a mirror, which enables us to clearly see all aspects of us through this epidemic.

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