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In the name of my Tao

In the name of my Tao

In the name of my Tao

Rating: 9 / 10 from 8185 ratings
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    In the name of my Tao
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    And dry mud
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    Daily Novel
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2022-03-08 19:48:17
Zhou Mo's "favor" from heaven was the beginning of the son of luck! Unfortunately, it's not the way of heaven to care for him, which is embarrassing! Zhou Mo, who was rejected by the other way's dependents, was kicked out of the world by the way of heaven as a package to isolate the other way's meaning! Because Wai Mo's obsession and the rules of heaven failed to succeed at one time. After Zhou Mo was thrown to the marginal plane by our heavenly way, he was completely kicked out of our world by the heavenly way because the Taoist family once again made the plane unbalanced. The story starts from the place at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty. The place at the beginning of the Yuan Dynasty goes out of chaos. The avenue has not arrived, and the way of heaven has not been born! Influenced by many ways of heaven and earth, there were countless races leading the world in the early Yuan Dynasty! Chaotic demons and evil spirits, and extraordinary technology. Zhou Mo, who just wants to return to a happy life, is crazy! "In my name, I am in a new world."

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