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Demon four eight

Demon four eight

Demon four eight

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    Demon four eight
  • Author:

    Bao Feifei
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    Wine Novel
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I am a freshman in Yunnan University. From birth, I have my own understanding of the world and find my own position. We live in an era, we can not lead an era, but we can bloom in such an era, and we can throw our youth sweat on the earth of our struggle writing this novel this time will tell about my feelings about life, the love we all dreamed of when we were students, or my views on the world the homophonic 148 of demon 48 is the number of our junior middle school class, and it is also my missing for that girl who fell in love with me. She fell in love during the National Day in 2021. I pursued it hard for seven years, and officially withdrew with hatred due to failure, opening their own lives it's a long way to go. I'll look up and down. Life is wonderful, and the road is long. When we start a new journey, we can always see the clouds and grass that day with a history of 5000 years, Chinese civilization has existed for only a drop in the ocean. The life we can meet is just a moment. When we look up at the starry sky, we can see the smile and the flicker. We are lucky to be born in an unprecedented era. Let's witness this wonderful time together!

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